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Hardly one user will be found who wouldn’t hear and have mp3 on the computer
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23 mp3 duplicate finder
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26 September 2008

Editor's review

Almost everyone has a music collection on his/her personal computer today. One of the most common problems with such collections is that number of files will be copies of the same musical; track often. This application can find duplicate MP3 files easily. It can also remove the duplicates easily. It will help you search and delete safely files on your PC or laptop. That covers photo files, music files and even excel sheets - the files may be in compressed archives such as RAR and ZIP. Criteria for setting the similarities are many. Similarity is applied in percentage terms and is derived based on details in file name, extension, track name and the artist name. It is able to find duplicates of tracks in the original album for example and may be in the "best" collection. You may choose to keep it also.

To get started you choose a location or a folder you want to check. On starting the checking the program will find and present results to you. Optionally you could delete them or place the duplicates in a special folder for later checking. There are several ways you may want to identify duplicates/clones. First is by contents. The search in this case would be based on the actual content of the music or the photo file. Names may be different and in different folders. Second method is by title. Music files contain this information in a tag and the program would look up this information in the tag and identify duplicates. By properties search searches by file name or size. Similar images with different resolutions or same files with different captions can be found. Files of zero size are identified for removal. Filters can narrow the search.

Overall: Quite a useful program that is easy to use.

Publisher's description

Hardly one user will be found who wouldn’t hear and have mp3 on the computer. It’s the best musical format for today. However, in this article we’re not talking about it but about one of the most widespread problems connected with mp3s – duplicate files.
As it is known, duplicate files are the clones of the files already existing on the computer. There is no doubt that they have to be searched and deleted. Mp3 duplicates are not an exception. To find duplicate mp3 and remove them you need to require a good duplicate mp3 finder. The best mp3 duplicate finder for today is Clone Remover.
Duplicate mp3 find is not easy business. It is necessary to choose the clones from thousand and tens of thousand tracks which can be formally not similar to each other - for example have different file names. The mp3 duplicate finder offers an effective way to find duplicate mp3 using mp3 tags – for example, the artist information and the track name. Unlike the file name, this information directly is not visible so manual check becomes practically not possible. However, it is also not necessary after all Clone Remover - the best for today duplicate mp3 finder - becomes your assistant.
The similarity degree of mp3 tag can be set in settings. It is measured in percentage and applied to the file name and its expansion, the track name and the artist name. A separate option is the possibility to take into account (or not to take) the duplicate mp3 find in one artist’s different albums. For example, if the song is kept as the part of an original album and the “The Best” collection of the same artist.
The duplicate mp3 find still was never such convenient. Having chosen a search location press “Next” and receive the result interesting you. The mp3 duplicate finder will find all available mp3 duplicate files and suggest to get rid of them or move to a special folder. You have a choice!
Duplicate mp3 finder
Duplicate mp3 finder
Version 3.0.23
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